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Monday, 23 July 2018

Twelve-year-old Anry Hepburn urgently needs triple bypass surgery and possibly a heart transplant. However, until the procedure can take place later this year, she and her family are struggling to survive on a government grant.

Anry – who lives with her mother and nine-year-old brother in the small community of Witpoort in the North West – was diagnosed with pulmonary stenosis at the age of nine months. This was followed by a series of operations including open heart surgery at the age of four to replace one of her valves.

She undergoes medical scans every three months and her growth has slowed down due to the lack of oxygen in her body. The professor looking after her at the Universitas Hospital in Bloemfontein is planning triple bypass surgery in September.

Anry’s mother was the sole breadwinner for the family but has had to stop working to provide full time care for her daughter. The family is being supported by Anry’s grandparents who earn a SASSA grant and about R3000 per month that her grandfather gets from helping the owner of a garden service company. 

As an Act of Kindness, Cell C will assist the family by purchasing clothing, non-perishable food and any basic requirements for Anry.<

Says Suzette van der Merwe, Managing Executive Corporate Social Investment at Cell C: “It has been a stuggle for both Anry and her family and we hope that this donation goes some way towards making their lives just a little easier until Anry has her surgery later this year.”



As a proudly South African company, Cell C ascribes to the philosophy of compassion and kindness as the catalyst for real change. Every month, Cell C is spreading smiles by encouraging acts of kindness. An act of kindness is a gesture of goodwill towards someone or something. It doesn’t have to cost anything or much; what’s important is that it’s an act of expressing genuine care for another person or living being. It’s contagious and an opportunity for people to work together, create positive energy and inspire hope.

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