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Cell C Buying Airtime: What you need to know

Thursday, 14 May 2020

Cell C Buying Airtime: What You Need To Know

In our ever increasingly connected world, the last thing anyone wants is to be caught without is data, airtime or SMS’s. The current COVID-19 lockdown makes the need to stay connected even more important than ever, but also a lot more difficult to purchase, especially for customers who buy instore and retail shops. This has caused our call centres to become inundated with queries on how to stay connected during this social distancing time.

Due to the COVID-19 Lockdown Restrictions, the Cell C call centres have had limited staff to reduce the risk of the virus spreading to our staff. Calling Customer Care has seen many customers having to wait on the line for an inordinate amount of time, stretching call centre staff to their limits and causing frustration for customers.  Thankfully, there’s a lot customers can do from the comfort of their own home, and fortunately, a lot of businesses that sell airtime, data and SMS bundles such as supermarkets and spaza shops are allowed to operate under the lockdown. 

Whatever package a customer is on, they have myriad options to make data, airtime or SMS purchases. Here are Cell C’s tips on buying these from various channels, and some of the options customers have:

Buying online 

Through Cell C’s online options customers need never wait on hold for a call centre. Not only can they purchase voice, SMS and data bundles, they can manage their payment options, pay their bills (full or partial), stay up to date with their remaining balances, send data to friends and loved ones (provided they’re also on Cell C’s network) and log connectivity issues.

Crucially, customers can manage and set spend limits, deciding whether or not they’d like to go out of bundle, choosing anything between a set rand value and the unlimited option. On top of that, provided the customer is the Master Account Holder, can also extend their bill limit, so if they run out of data, voice minutes or SMS’s they can always replenish them. These purchase options are available through the Cell C mobile app, Cell C USSD (*147#) and Cell C’s online portal. Once a purchase is made, the customer is notified almost immediately via SMS.

Buying at retail

If the app, USSD or online portals are unavailable, it’s still possible to make airtime, data, SMS and bundle purchases at your local supermarket or spaza shop, as both outlets are permitted to operate during the lockdown. 

Packages can be bought in the form of cards or vouchers at the tills and instantly loaded onto a phone by entering the PIN on the receipt. It’s very important to check before leaving the shop that the PIN is clearly legible and the amount of airtime and/or data paid for is clearly printed on the receipt and is the amount a customer will be getting.

Pick the best deal for you

Due to the fact that the nationwide lockdown did not end at the end of April as previously planned, Cell C has decided to extend its All-In-One Double Data Bundle (30MB, 120MB and 300MB) offers, through which customers get 50% more data with their purchase. 

Customers are also able to take advantage of two new promotional bundles from launched earlier this month: the All-In-One 1GB + 1GB for R95 and the 2.5GB + 2.5 GB for R195.  


All-In-One 30MB

All-In-One 120MB

All-In-One 300MB

All-In-One 1GB

All-In-One 2.5GB







Bundle Fee incl. VAT






Validity Period (days)






Data (MB)

Was: 30


Was: 120

Now: 240

Was: 300

Now: 600

Was: 1GB
Now: 2GB

Was: 2.5GB

Now: 5GB

On-net Minutes






Any-net Minutes







The All-In-One bundles can be purchased through the Cell C app, the Cell C USSD (*147#) and Cell C’s online portal.

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