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Monday, 13 November 2017

During the month of November 2017, Cell C is spreading smiles and their employees are participating in various volunteer opportunities.

A team from Cell C head office celebrated World Kindness Day, which falls on November 13, by handing over life saving equipment to the Lambano Paediatric Sanctuary in Germiston.  The Sanctuary is a care and hospice facility for children with life limiting and life-threatening illnesses.

Cell C has partnered with the Angel Network (a voluntary organisation on social media, with a network of more than 20 000 members, facilitating and mobilising acts of kindness across the country) to help identify community needs and wishes. 

Lambano was in need of two cot beds with mattresses, a BS Pulse Oximeter and a Vital Signs Monitor SP02 for children in the facility.

Says Lynette Croote, CEO of Lambano: “These are diagnostic equipment that read oxygen levels in children’s blood streams.  The BS Pulse Oximeter checks the saturation of the oxygen in the blood while the vital signs Monitor Sp02 reads the blood circulation, blood pressure as well as cardiac rhythms. We would like to thank Cell C for this much needed equipment – we are extremely grateful for the positive effect it will have on our patients.  We hope to have a long and fruitful relationship with Cell C going forward.”

Says Suzette van der Merwe, Managing Executive of the Cell C Foundation: “Earlier this year, we introduced our Acts of Kindness campaign, with the aim to help crisis stricken individuals, communities and animals.  An act of kindness doesn’t have to cost anything or much; what’s important is that it expresses genuine care for another person or living being. It’s contagious and an opportunity for us to work together, create positive energy and inspire hope.”



As a proudly South African company, Cell C ascribes to the philosophy of compassion and kindness as the catalyst for real change.  To this end, Cell C has introduced a humanitarian initiative to respond as quickly as possible to crises being faced by communities, humans or animals. November 13, 2017 is World KindnessDay. During the month of November 2017, Cell C will be spreading smiles by encouraging acts of kindness. An act of kindness is a gesture of goodwill towards someone or something.  It doesn’t have to cost anything or much; what’s important is that it’s an act of expressing genuine care for another person. It’s contagious and makes a bigger impact on our surroundings than we might think. 

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