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Cell C empowers customers with greater control over managing their costs

Friday, 16 November 2018

Cell C customers will not have to worry about their out-of-bundle (OOB) spend again, with Cell C's new Spend Control service, which will be available from mid-November.

Whether its voice, SMS or data, or even their total spend, Cell C customers will decide by how much or even if they want to go out-of-bundle. Each service is treated separately, which means that customers have complete control over their costs at a personalised level across service categories independently. Never before have customers had so granular a degree of control over managing their costs. This becomes especially relevant in these difficult economic times where every cent counts. With its new Spend Control feature, Cell C brings its customers greater peace of mind.

Using self-service channels such as USSD and the Cell C App, customers will be able to set their voice, data and SMS spend limit for OOB charges from no OOB charging to open OOB charging, or any Rand value in between that best suits their budget. The service is totally flexible and allows customers to change these settings at no cost at any stage, thus ensuring that customers have complete and unrestricted control over their costs.

"Customers can at any time set their out-of-bundle threshold to whatever they like and this will be applied for all out of bundle spend from that point forward. This gives them complete control over their costs," says Cell C CCO Junaid Munshi.

Cell C is also launching its new bundle depletion notifications, which will go a long way in keeping customers informed about how much data, voice or SMSes they still have available. These new notifications don't only apply to any bundles that customers may have, but are for all services included in postpaid and top up contracts as well. Notifications are not new to Cell C, but these enhancements will ensure that the information is presented more intuitively.

"Customers will know when their services are running low in advance so that they are able to manage their costs better by purchasing additional bundles or restricting out of bundle spend," says Munshi.

Both the new notifications and Spend Control will be available to customers from later in November.

Cell C is also in the process of improving and expanding its data rollover service to make sure customers have ways to extend the validity of any data they have before it expires. Customers on all contracts and SmartData offers already have this benefit and get one month's rollover of any unused inclusive value.

"We are also finalising enhancement to our data transfer service which will allow customers to transfer any data to anyone on Cell C," says Munshi.

We plan to implement both rollover and transfer in mid-December.

Cell C is mindful of the need to ensure that customers are always in control and has therefore taken great strides to provide these tools to ensure that it's easy and effective to manage spend whilst staying connected in all ways possible.

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