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Cell C is raising the bar for the best network experience: invites customers to make the switch

Monday, 2 October 2023


Cell C, provider of mobile network services, says it has revolutionised the telecommunications industry with the use of the forefront Multi Operator Core Network (MOCN), technology. Cell C is now inviting customers to make the switch to the best prices that Cell C is known for and now on the best network. With a longstanding commitment to affordable communication for all South Africans, Cell C is now directing its focus towards delivering an unparalleled network experience. This initiative underscores Cell C's strategic network infrastructure partnerships aimed at enhancing connectivity for its valued customers.

Cell C's network-agnostic approach has raised the bar by harnessing the power of technology to redefine broadening access and quality connectivity through the efficient use of infrastructure for the benefit of not only consumers, but the industry at the same time.

In this rapidly evolving digital landscape, staying connected has become an integral part of daily lives. Whether for work or leisure, having a reliable quality network is no longer a luxury, but crucial to a digital way of life. Consumers expect and demand seamless online experiences.

Recognizing this evolving landscape, Cell C embarked on a four-year journey marked by unwavering commitment to innovation. This journey entailed network roaming and the deployment of MOCN technology in collaboration with partner networks—a pioneering approach in our nation's history. This strategy, characterized by its infrastructure-light model, resonates with other asset-light business paradigms, such as Uber and Airbnb. These entities excel in mobility and accommodation services without direct ownership of physical assets. This unique approach allows Cell C to channel greater focus and investment into deep customer-centricity and an unparalleled quality experience.

Cell C says recent third-party tests indicate that consumers are now able to experience a noticeably improved network experience providing several benefits in terms of connectivity, speed, reliability, and overall experience.

Faster Speeds​. Faster data downloads and uploads to enjoy various forms of entertainment such as video and gaming, just some of the online uses that are now quicker to access.

Improved Stability​: Fewer connectivity issues with improved signal strength, voice quality, minimal downtime, greater reliability and resilience and consistency of network.

Increased Coverage​: With access to 28 000 towers nationwide, customers can enjoy quality connectivity with reduced dead zones in previously underserved areas where lack of coverage impacted access to the internet and uninterrupted data services.

Cell C CEO, Jorge Mendes said," We are thrilled that we can confidently deliver quality connectivity to our customers. We listened to them and knew the critical role that uninterrupted digital services play in the lives of South Africans. So, through the smart use of technology were committed to focusing the depth of network expertise and partnerships to deliver digital access at the best prices for the nation."

South Africans can now enjoy improved productivity for businesses reliant on mobile connections, seamless video streaming, and gaming experiences, as well as enhanced communication through voice and messaging. Mendes further added, "To top it all off, our consumers benefit from a range of enticing offers, ensuring prolonged connectivity with added value for every Rand spent. Featuring offers like our SuperBonus offer customers three times the recharge value on all recharges of R5 or more, which can be used for data or calls on any network, at any time. This undeniably offers the best prices on the best network."

Cell C invites all consumers to make the switch today by joining the network revolution to experience the future of connectivity and value for money.

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