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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Cell C is pleased to announce the launch of Dual Benefit Billing, a system designed to make communications management easy for enterprise and their staff. Dual Benefit Billing empowers employers and employees to flexibly manage telecommunications costs and creates benefits for both.

“We know that businesses have long struggled to find solutions to help them better manage their telecommunications costs. Cell C’s focus in the SME and Enterprise market has led to the development of this product to help employers and employees make the most of their communications,” says Cell C CEO Jose Dos Santos.

Dual Benefit Billing allows employees to sign up for a contract and personally own the contract, while still receiving a cellphone allowance or cellphone benefits provided by their employer. Employers will only ever be responsible for the allowance portion of the contract.

“What this does, is allows employers to manage only the portion that they need to, while employees remain responsible for the rest. Staff that leave their employment will now have the benefit of seamlessly taking their handset and contract with them without having to transfer personal data to another device or change numbers,” says Dos Santos.

Dual Benefit billing takes the complexity out of staff’s mobile allowances and benefits, by leaving the employer with no liability for contracts or handsets when the employee leaves. Should the employer require a new line for a replacement employee, the new employee simply signs a brand new contract from Cell C. This also provides the new employee the ability to sign-up for a new contract and handset without having to take over the previous employee’s contract and handset or alternatively saves the company money by not having to purchase a new handset.

This new service will be available from Business Sales and Government Sales channels from 1 April. For more information, call 084 194 4000 during office hours or e-mail business@cellc.co.za.

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