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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Cell C has come to the aid of a Cape Town baby suffering from a rare health problem, thanks to its ongoing Random Acts of Kindness initiative.

Six-month-old Nazeem Mitchell from Blue Downs in Cape Town has been diagnosed with neonatal type one diabetic mellitus. The baby’s condition is so rare that he is part of a UK study where his genes are being analysed. The baby is currently being treated by a panel of medical experts at Tygerberg Hospital's diabetic clinic.

His mother Shamiela Mitchell (26) says that for baby Nazeem every day is a test of endurance, because missing just one injection or sugar test could result in her baby’s sugar levels dropping or spiking, putting him at risk of falling into a coma, losing his eyesight or even death.

Mitchell lost her first born child a few years ago and is struggling to raise Nazeem and her three year-old daughter alone since the children's father passed away last year through meningitis. Mitchell was forced to leave work to care for baby Nazeem.

Mitchell needs electricity in order to keep Nazeem’s insulin medication cool and also to be able to run daily tests on him. However, sometimes the tests are done in a dark room while he screams in pain as she doesn’t always have money for power. Nazeem also uses more than 100 nappies a week. 

This week Cell C’s Managing Executive in the Western Cape, Nezaam Harris and his team handed over vouchers for baby formula, nappies and food as well as an electricity voucher. Another donor has also purchased electricity for the family.

Cell C was alerted to Shamiela and Nazeem’s story by Western Cape media.

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