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Cell C wants to change lives by making millionaires this summer!

Wednesday, 1 November 2023
Cell c Millionaires club

Johannesburg, Wednesday - Cell C, the telecommunications company that prides itself on championing value for customers, is thrilled to launch an exciting online gaming campaign, "Win and Join Cell C Millionaires Club". The campaign offers customers the chance to win daily cash prizes and to become cash, fuel, data, and electricity millionaires! The campaign aims to provide South Africans with the opportunity to win big and change their lives despite the everyday challenges.

"Cell C is known for the value that our customers have come to expect, with great offers that allow them to enjoy our now significantly improved network quality. The campaign will further give them the opportunity to enjoy fantastic prizes that meet daily needs" said Chief Marketing Officer, Melanie Forbes.

The gaming campaign offers four exciting games that customers can play every day by dialling *123#, downloading the Cell C App, or visiting www.cellc.co.za. Customers can win daily cash prizes, and every week, one lucky customer stands to be a cash millionaire.

The variety of games are:

  • Hidden Objects: You will be shown an image along with a list of specific elements you need to locate within a specified time. Find all the items within the given time to win fantastic prizes!
  • Pick a Box: Get ready to choose! You will be presented with a 3x3 grid of boxes, each hiding a potential prize. Pick a box, uncover your prize, and see if you have hit the jackpot!
  • Roll the Dice: It is time to trust your luck. Roll two dice until they land on a winning combination, and you could be the next winner! Plays are only deducted when you win, so get rolling!
  • Rock Paper Scissors: Prepare for the ultimate showdown! Pick your move - Rock, Paper, or Scissors. Our game will also select, and if your choice wins, you will receive an exciting prize.

Forbes continued, "We understand that many South Africans are feeling the strain of economic pressures and daily struggles. The rising cost of living, loadshedding, high unemployment, declining household income, and skyrocketing fuel prices have become daily challenges. We want South Africans to be inspired to make a positive change in their lives."

"The prizes have been carefully considered and Cell C believes that having an abundance of cash, data, minutes, electricity, and fuel can help alleviate some of the hardships. We also believe in the power of progress and excitement that comes with winning big." she concluded.

Be sure to follow Cell C on social media and stay updated with the latest news and announcements surrounding the competition by using the hashtag #ThereWillBeSigns #CellCMillionairesClub

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