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Friday, 24 April 2020

The nationwide COVID-19 lockdown has severely impacted South Africa’s most vulnerable communities, with government social welfare systems, civil organisations, NPOs and other welfare organisations finding themselves stretched beyond capacity.

This has led to growing instances of criminal activity and civil unrest, with many South Africans struggling to feed their families and loved ones due to being unable to work and bring home an income. In Gauteng, some 2.5 million people depend on SASSA grants and a significant number of them are children who depend on school feeding programs, which have been put on hold during the lockdown. Informal workers such as car guards, hawkers, gardeners and people in the service industries have also been impacted.

To help alleviate the burden faced by these vulnerable communities, Cell C has partnered with the Gauteng Food Security Committee and made an Act of Kindness donation of food parcels. The hampers contain vital supplies, which can sustain a family of four for four weeks:

1 x 10kg Maize Meal
1 x 1kg Milk Powder
3 x Packet Soup
1 x 500gr Salt
1 x 750ml Cooking Oil
1 x Jam (450gr)
1 x 2kg Rice
3 x Baked Beans (420gr)
1 x Peanut Butter (810gr)
1 x 2kg Sugar
3 x Chakalaka (420gr)
500G All-purpose soap
1 x 50 Tea Bags
3 x Tinned Fish (420gr)

The Gauteng City Region Observatory (GCRO) has conducted a survey in order to identify the most vulnerable communities, ranked by the two key COVID-19 risk indices, social density and health and social vulnerability.

“Many South Africans are facing great challenges to secure food and essentials during the lockdown, and Cell C is glad to be able to assist some of the country’s most vulnerable communities,” says Juliet Mhango, Cell C’s Chief Human Capital Development and Transformation Officer.

“This donation will hopefully go a long way to assist those that will be most affected in the coming month,” she says.

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