Cell c celebrates a mother's strength

Thursday, 16 February 2017

There are few things more powerful than the strength of a mother’s love and Cell C had to celebrate the particular strength and courage of single mother, Melissa Roos.

“When we read the heartfelt story on Huisgenoot magazine’s Facebook page detailing Melissa’s story with her nine-month old daughter Nadya, we knew we had to do something to come together to provide some kind of support to this incredibly brave woman. With more than half the employee complement at Cell C women, and many of them mothers, we all agreed that no mother should have to go through these kinds of hardships alone,” said Managing Executive Cell C Foundation, Suzette van der Merwe.

Baby Nadya was born prematurely with symptoms of hydrocephalus, a condition characterised by excess fluid on the brain. “The neurosurgeons at Tygerberg hospital are busy checking her eyesight and pressure behind her eyes. But she is such a happy child – always full of smiles,” said Roos.

Their story has been documented by Journalist Pieter van Zyl who had put out the call to readers to assist with Roos’ needs. Readers of the magazine have already provided a home for the pair close to the hospital, and her next request was for baby food, nappies and other baby basics.

Today, Cell C’s Western Cape Managing Executive, Nezaam Harris surprised mom and baby with vouchers to the value of R10 000 as well as data bundles in the hopes that this token will alleviate some of the needs that they have had since baby Nadya was born.

“You have no idea - words can’t express how thankful we are,” said Roos, adding that she could buy nappies and baby food. 

Cell C ascribes to the philosophy of compassion and kindness as the catalyst for real change and has launched a humanitarian initiative to help individuals in need. As with the Roos’ story, Cell C aims to ensure that those in need are given a little helping hand and to encourage other corporates around South Africa to do the same.

“Nadya is still in hospital undergoing tests to see if she can have an operation in March. If not, it’s back to the drawing board. But this will help to get us through this anxious time,” said Roos

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