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Friday, 19 June 2020

How Cell C's holistic, education platform is helping SA's young learners build future skills as tomorrow's leaders

Young learners have had a struggle under lockdown. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a disruptive impact on the day-to-day lives of school pupils and varsity students in South Africa and matriculants, in particular, have faced uncertainty and pressure to complete their high school careers.

Many learners have not been able to access the much-needed support of their teachers and peers, which has taken an emotional toll on learners.

This is where CellCgirl comes in, which forms part of Cell C's Take A Girl Child To Work Day (TAGCTWD) initiative that assists young women between the ages of 15 and 24 in planning and navigating the world of work and life in general.

Beyond offering users a platform to help with their studies and workload, CellCgirl also offers support through Ask CellCgirl , a knowledgeable ear to listen to the young people and give them solid, unbiased advice. The portal is completely confidential allowing users to send in their questions and comments on the website and via DM on social media. A team of trained counsellors respond, giving them the guidance they need.

Access to the platform is free as it is zero-rated for users on the Cell C network, thus connectivity to students and young professionals is made possible.

"Our CellCgirl's holistic educational platform, a free mentorship website and social media community, is helping school pupils and university students get on track during this very challenging time," says Juliet Mhango, Cell C's Human Capital & Transformation Officer.

"By offering students study tips and resources, CellCgirl helps learners catch up on their work, while helping them navigate other parts of their lives that may be affected by this lockdown," she says.

The study and life tips are in the form of articles on the website, with over 23,000 users visits and nearly 30 000 sessions per page. Most of the visitors are female (71%), made up of high schoolers, tertiary students as well as young professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs. This community is mainly interested in career planning, post-secondary education, business plan templates and free downloadable study resources, amongst other popular resources.

On social media, CellCgirl provides entertainment, information and daily motivation to users. Its offering of tips ranging from #FinancialFitness, to #LifeTips and the #LockdownStudyChallenge, are all ways the platform uses different channels to help young women navigate their lives.

Through CellCgirl, Cell C is helping young people to continue to excel in their studies and maintain a sense of control over their academics during a period of global uncertainty, ensuring that they stay focused on their ambitions for economic independence. It is helping young learners take charge of their lives.

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