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The importance of brand building

Monday, 21 December 2020

There are very few people who haven’t heard of many of the brands featured in the Forbes 2020 Most Valuable Brands, which lists   the most powerful brands in the world. Some of these brands have been in existence for well over a century, they must be doing something right to have lasted this long and have a consumer base spanning numerous countries.

These brands’ secret to success is well documented; selling a lifestyle, relevance and experience through a product. By focusing on more than just the next sale, these brands plan far into the future, a strategy that ensures a constant stream of loyal and returning customers.

“Brand building is a vital activity that all small business owners should implement to survive in the long term,” says Cell C Chief Commercial Officer, Simo Mkhize. “In our summer campaign we’re awarding 20 bakkies to 20 lucky customers who enter our promotion.”

We hope the bakkies will change their summer and change their world, helping budding entrepreneurs kick start their dream ventures,” Mkhize says. “We know the bakkies will make a huge difference to all who win them, but especially those who wish to grow a business into a brand that is sustainable and has longevity.”

In order to do this, futurist at Cherry Flava, Jonathan Cherry, shares some of his tips to assist future bakkie winners with building their brands.  

Know what a brand is  

The first step is to understand what a brand is. It’s an image, a perception of a commercial mark that is held in the minds of consumers. It is created by the perception people have about the combination of products, advertising, the public image and stories surrounding a particular brand.

Brands that matter are more valuable 

What a strong brand offers a business is the opportunity to sell its products at a price premium compared to what its competitors are able to charge which in time results in the building of a better business.  Brands that have managed to focus on a higher purpose have built the most valuable businesses in the world.

Knowing how to figure out your brands purpose

Purpose-driven brands exist not because they're out to make a fast buck for their owners, but rather to make a valuable contribution to the world. That's why people choose to support them and help these brands achieve their mission. A strong purpose inspires customers and employees to become a part of a brand's success which means you are recruiting fans rather than simply trying to sell a random product.

Asking the right questions will determine your brands purpose

To determine your brands purpose, you will need to start by asking yourself questions. 'Why should my brand exist?' "What value does my brand contribute towards the world?' 'Why should people care?'

Focus on figuring out what makes your small business idea unique. Develop your own voice when presenting your brand and don’t be afraid to spend money on a good designer. In this way you’ll be able to stand out from the crowd. Think big, but always start small.

“Cell C bakkie winners have the chance to change the direction of their lives, either with a brand new business or a side hustle that will earn them extra money,” says Cherry.

“In South Africa where the unemployment rate is high and jobs are becoming scarcer, starting your own business may just be the best solution. A small business should not only be seen as a means to an end but rather as a way to also help others find employment,” he says.

“By supporting and developing a culture of entrepreneurship in South Africa, we can all contribute to correcting the historical imbalances of the past and work at rebuilding our economy.”

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