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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Cell C is pleased to announce it will be offering reduced international roaming rates to 58 countries covering 99 networks, making the pricing simple and transparent for customers travelling overseas.

 From 13 September, customers roaming on any of the countries listed below will pay a standard R10 per minute for making and receiving calls, R10 per MB for data and R2.99 per SMS on certain networks in these countries.

 The only exclusions to these are:

  • Emtel Mauritius, where customers will pay R20 per minute for calls and R20 per MB for data;
  • Netone Zimbabwe, where customers will pay R15 per minute for calls and R15 per MB for data

“Cell C is continuously working with foreign operators to increase the number of networks and countries where our customers can enjoy a worry-free and predictable roaming experience by providing more affordable roaming rates,” says Jose Dos Santos, Cell C Chief Executive Offer.

Customers are advised to manually select discounted networks when roaming to ensure that they always pay the lowest roaming charges. A detailed list of networks and their associated roaming rates will be available from 13 September and can be found via https://www.cellc.co.za/cellc/international-roaming. This page also provides handy tips on how to better manage your roaming spend.

 Cell C also continues to offer Wi-Fi Calling as an alternative to roaming, a service that turns any Wi-Fi hotspot into a Cell C base station, effectively allowing customers to make and receive calls as if they were in South Africa, while they are travelling abroad. Find out more about Wi-Fi Calling by visiting https://www.cellc.co.za/cellc/wi-fi-calling-personal.

 For more information on either the new roaming rates or Wi-Fi Calling, customers can also contact the Cell C call centre on 140.

List of countries with discounted roaming rates:

1. Argentina

2. Australia

3. Austria

4. Belgium

5. Benin

6. Brazil

7. Canada

8. Chad

9. Chile

10. China

11. Columbia

12. Congo DRC

13. Congo Republic

14. Costa Rica

15. Croatia

16. Czech Republic

17. Ecuador

18. Gabon

19. Germany

20. Ghana

21. Greece

22. Hungary

23. Iceland

24. India

25. Ireland

26. Italy

27. Kenya

28. Lesotho

29. Luxembourg

30. Madagascar

31. Malawi

32. Mauritius

33. Mexico

34. Mozambique

35. Namibia

36. Nepal

37. Netherlands

38. New Zealand

39. Nigeria

40. Panama

41. Peru

42. Poland

43. Portugal

44. Romania

45. Rwanda

46. Senegal

47. Seychelles

48. Spain

49. Switzerland

50. Tanzania

51. Turkey

52. UAE

53. Uganda

54. United Kingdom

55. Uruguay

56. Venezuela

57. Zambia

58. Zimbabwe

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