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cell c's take a girl child to work day looks forward to september

Monday, 3 August 2020

Cell C has held its first Take A Girl Child To Work Day® in line with the COVID-19 lockdown government rules.  The workshops were held virtually with social distancing, sanitising and face masks being used to protect both the learners and the corporate partners involved.

The launch of the 2020 Cell C Take A Girl Child To Work Day® workshops took place at Orange Farm Secondary School and John Orr Technical High School, with ten learners in each school in attendance. Cell C’s next Take A Girl Child To Work Day® workshop will take place in September.

This year’s first Cell C Take A Girl Child To Work Day® workshop introduced learners to a variety of disciplines including Information Technology (IT), communications strategy, customer care and more.

All learners who participated in the workshops did so under guidelines set out by the government.

Take A Girl Child To Work Day® usually takes place in May, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, both Cell C and its corporate and governmental partners have not been able to host learners in the same way as in recent years.

Cell C has made every effort to ensure that this vital transformative initiative presses ahead. To that end, rather than being hosted at corporate offices and campuses and government buildings, learners have gathered at school classrooms and media centres, with all COVID-19 precautions being observed. This year continues ’ last year’s #MoreThanADay theme, which allows learners to engage over three days with partners rather just one. It’s also the first year to include boy learners in the workshops.

“It has been a challenging time for the Take A Girl Child To Work Day® initiative this year, but we’re proud that it is continuing in spite of these trying times,” says Juliet Mhango, Cell C’s Chief Officer for Human Capital Development & Transformation.

“This programme is more vital than ever in shaping our country’s future leaders, providing opportunities for learning for both boys and girls and giving them insight and guidance in the careers they wish to pursue,” she says.

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