Youth Development and Inclusivity

Cell C believes in promoting gender inclusivity and the economic empowerment of YOUTH through access to resources, education and employment creation.


Cell C as part of the re-evolution of Take a Girl Child to Work Day (TAGCTWD), launched SEE YOUTH powered by Cell C – an all-inclusive and holistic youth development programme.

The programme aims to bridge the gender gap and empower the youth to become the best versions of themselves and ultimately begin to change their worlds i.e., a shift in socio-economic challenges such as Gender-Based Violence (GBV), unemployment and child-headed households.

SEE YOUTH powered by Cell C is to serve as a guide for young people to navigate life and usher them into adulthood with access to resources that contribute to the different aspects of their lives such as social relations, learning, entrepreneurship, and wellness, which comprises of physical, emotional, and mental health.

Connect with SEE YOUTH


Cell C (through SEE YOUTH initiative) has partnered with Tomorrow Trust to support the development of 30 Grade 9 learners in Gauteng.

The partnership focuses on academic, psychosocial, career and digital development to orphaned and vulnerable children and youth. This will be achieved by delivering support to children in school from Grade 9 up to Grade 12 - via Holiday and Saturday School Programmes.

An induction session took place on 17th February 2023 at Randview Content Business park in Randburg, Johannesburg. Both Cell C and Tomorrow Trust were present to introduce the 30 learners to the programme.

At the end of the programme, these 30 girls and boys will be well-equipped in understanding their own strengths and capabilities when choosing a career path. As an ICT enabler, Cell C is also providing the tools and critical resources to ensure future success within a 4IR environment. This includes, but not limited to,

✓ Robotics

✓ Coding

✓ Digital literacy and workshops.

In addition, we will be supporting these learners with psycho-social support (a critical factor often overlooked) – as a mechanism for youth empowerment.